Safety Bulletin July 2015

Do you know?  Your Onsite Emergency Action Plan…

All employees should fully understand what to do when faced with an emergency situation. Common plans should include fire, tornado, earthquake and bomb threat emergency planning.


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  • - Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: A recap on Geotemps Safety.
  • - Venomous Snakes
  • - MSHA Fatalgram

Safety Bulletin June 2015

Back injuries are the leading cause of work related disability for employees under the age of 45. Protecting your back by limiting the amount of weight you carry and lifting with your legs could save you from getting injured. Workers should not rely on back belts in lieu of safe practices, and workers should not lift more than 51 lbs. over a substantial period of time.


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  • - MSHA Fatalgram and Best Practices
  • - Drowsy Driving
  • - 3 Causes of Accidents

Safety Bulletin February 2015

Safety and production go hand-in-hand!

Statistics over the past 40 years show that the safer the mine is, the better production is. Safe practice is always the most important component to a work day, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s also good for business.


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  • - MSHA Fatalgram and Best Practices
  • - Cold Weather Work
  • - Falls and Construction


Safety Bulletin November 2014


Every time you take a ‘short cut’, you put more than yourself at risk. When anyone chooses to take a chance and take a shortcut by ignoring safety, they put everyone at risk!! Do it the right way, the first time—every time. 


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  • - MSHA Fatalgram and Best Practices
  • - Enhancing Safety
  • - Practice Safety Around the Clock

Safety Bulletin October 2014

A recent study by CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health* (NIOSH), which analyzes data from multiple sources concerning ladder fall injuries across the U.S., reveals that ladder accidents, in particular, comprised 43% of fatal falls in the last decade.


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  • - Avoidable Distractions
  • - Ladder Safety
  • - Geotemps Announcements

Safety Bulletin – September 2014


“Fatal work injuries in the private mining sector increased 14 percent to 177 in 2012 from 155 in 2011—the highest level since 2007. The number of fatal work injury cases in oil and gas extraction industries rose to 138 in 2012 from 112 in 2011.”


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  • - Distraction Leads to Disaster
  • - Geotemps cares about your safety!
  • - MSHA Fatalgram

Safety Bulletin October 2013

Have you inspected your PPE lately? You should be checking your PPE every time you put it on or use it. If it’s been awhile since you’ve inspected the equipment you wear every day to keep yourself safe, take a few minutes to check it out. It won’t protect you as well as it should if it’s defective or worn. Always use your site’s complete safety checklists when inspecting equipment. Talk with your site supervisor or safety trainer for help determining if you should replace your equipment.


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  • - Why are you required to wear safety glasses?
  • - Proper use of your Safety Card.

Safety Bulletin August 2013

Have you ever been “struck by” indecision or perhaps “caught between” two choices— only to make the wrong choice and get hurt in the process or opt for the quick, easy way, instead of the careful and safe way to do something?  If so, then you don’t want to miss this issue of the Geotemps’ Safety Bulletin!     Your comments are welcomed:


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  • - Conveying the Message
  • - 4 Leading Causes of Death
  • - MSHA Fatalgram

Safety Bulletin – July 2013

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the “Job Site Safety” event! We had some impressive responses. After much deliberation and discussion, the committee chose the following winners… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!



Please continue to contact the Geotemps, Inc. Safety Committee with Safety Shares, Best Practices, Concerns, Questions


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  • - Signs of Fatigue
  • - Fun in the Sun

Safety Bulletin – June 2013

WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER… Okay, maybe not a chicken dinner.  Most likely something much, much better.  Geotemps, Inc. will reward two individuals from all of those who respond to the following question,  “How do you presonally make the job site safer for yourself and your teammates?”  Send answers to by June 21st.


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  • - Surface Machinery Usage and Maintenance
  • - Driver Distraction
  • - MSHA Fatalgram