To be completely realistic, you can’t be expected to do or know everything. As a result, we all need experts on demand, delivering the services, goods, and machinery necessary to the project or situation. Engineering Firms, Geotechnical Laboratories, Drilling Companies, Mechanics, Equipment Suppliers, Chemical Manufacturers and Plants – some of the many examples of the types of services and suppliers critical to Mining and all Geotechnical industries. Geotemps fits into that category as a service to industry, while also providing service to fellow suppliers – in the field, the office, or the lab – extending the personnel and human resources support that industry-specific suppliers and geo-services often require.


Consequently, when ‘the biggest mining player on the block’ calls the most capable and dependable Sub-Contractor available, performance meets opportunity – assuming the team is ready and appropriately staffed. Geotemps recruits and screens geotechnical experts critical to the services that are critical to mining and geotechnical companies: Geologists, Surveyors, Supervisors, Managers, Job Site Technicians – all examples of valued and necessary expertise available for introduction to the Geotemps payroll system at the request of the many and varied potential supplier clients.


It is a given that any company or project is generally only as strong as the people involved – Geotemps is the staffing expert that Geotechnical Services and Suppliers may call when a significant bridge needs to be crossed, or when it is time to ‘up the ante’ by increasing the number of skilled staff involved. Thus, Exploration, Mine Site Programs, and other shared clients in the chain of supply and demand gain from the placement of particular personnel – short term, or if and when they are transferred to the client’s payroll. Geotemps is historically and professionally committed to providing personnel services for various companies and contractors within a community of supportive services.


Suppliers and Services provide the necessary element in the winning formula for a successful Geotechnical project. Geotemps is the service supplier that other services can and do call.