As a personnel service, Geotemps focuses on technical experts specific to Mining and Geo-related industries: Precious Metal, Base Metal, and Precious Gemstone Mining and Exploration Companies and Projects often benefit from the recruitment services of Geotemps, Inc. through the sensitivity and knowledge that is logically presented by recruiters specializing in Mining personnel. Mining Managers and Engineers, Mine Geologists, Mine Site Operators and Administrative Staff, Equipment Operators, and other mining-specific specialists professionally committed to the discovery and extraction of mineral commodities represent just some of the many potential personnel screened and provided by Geotemps to this critical industry.


Aggregate, Industrial Mineral, and Rare Earth Mineral extraction programs and processes inevitably require specialized personnel to succeed in providing those materials necessary to manufacturing and construction. Geotemps supports such efforts with industry-specific placements utilizing dedicated recruitment and client centered needs, sparing potential time and in-house costs through a refined search and placement service – often in contrast to generic day labor services ‘throwing bodies at a problem’ for perceived quick and easy reward.


Mineral Exploration personnel also traditionally benefit from industry-specific staffing services like Geotemps, Inc. – whether at the birth of a start-up or J.V. program – during the drilling phase – or even potentially during downtime. Expert geological personnel represent the very heart of the minerals industry, and Geotemps locates and employs the geologists, geological engineers, and supportive technical and administrative staff that is necessary to ‘drill down’ – and get to the next phase.


‘If It Can’t Be Grown It Must Be Mined’ in its numerous forms and processes – to provide the various materials necessary to build and sustain the things that do not simply grow on trees – as Geotemps recruits personnel necessary to the extraction and processing of those critical natural resources.