As an organization born of industry, Geotemps, Inc. appreciates and promotes safe and responsible Geoscience related projects and endeavors – for the immediate and greater good. And as a strong supporting member of the Mining and Geoscientific communities, Geotemps, Inc. regularly demonstrates its commitment to those cultures through recruitment to promote sustainability, and through community participation and support at a variety of industry levels.


plant_back5 Geotemps, Inc. was founded by a 30 year Mining industry veteran and executive, expert in industry- specific safety, administration, and human resources. Additionally, Geotemps’ corporate culture reflects three generations of related industrial careers.


In contrast to pedestrian staffing companies and those attempting to grab easy business with generic efforts from the sidelines, Geotemps is culturally invested and professionally dedicated to industry-specific career building and support.




“If you really want to have a lasting impact, build something.”


In addition to Geotemps generational corporate culture and expertise, it also boasts three generations of Geotechnical personnel on assignment: father, son, and grandson. Just one example of launching careers – and building lasting professional relationships to support industry sustainability. Additionally, Geotemps helps create a safer industrial culture with the establishment and sponsorships of college and industry association safety awards and programs – looking within to add necessary value and awareness throughout the over-lapping industrial communities it services and supports.