Geotemps believes in the fundamental necessity of industry, and in the necessary corporate and cultural support of such industry. As a result, Geotemps has traditionally raised the bar for sponsorships of industry-specific institutions and organizations – and is proud of its past and present role as a supporter of various local and regional professional associations and concerns, such as NvMA, SME, NWMA, The Mackay School of Earth Science and Engineering, and various other scientific, and industrial societies, organizations, and institutions.




Bus2For almost 30 years, Geotemps, Inc. has not only launched generations of careers, but has established a symbol of integrity that is built on trust – and a demonstrated appreciation for the many organizations that keep the cultural and educational wheels turning. Geotemps’ corporate founder served as a committee chair and president of the Northwest Mining Association, and as an Executive Advisory Board Member of the Mackay School of Earth Science and Engineering, among other affiliations and positions.


Geotemps’ current president and C.E.O. (and Geopros, Inc. founder and president) is a former and current board member and committee chair of several industry-related organizations and institutions. Geotemps, Inc. generously supports the industry it serves with volunteer hours, sponsorship dollars, and direct donations – creating a positive impact for related industry co-professionals, and an immeasurable effect on a more sustainable industrial future. Geotemps and its affiliated corporate partners support – and participate. As a result, related students, institutions, and industry professionals benefit directly or indirectly from the efforts of Geotemps, Inc.