Geotemps opens an office in majestic Salt Lake City, Utah!

Entrenched in Utah mining as an industry leader and firm support of the Utah Mining Association developed the need for a permanent presence in Salt Lake City, UT. The Utah Mining Association, founded in 1915 and one of the oldest and most prestigious business associations in Utah, will find Geotemps newest office supporting its political, social, environmental and regulatory challenges through their new office and Staffing Manager, Sara Wheaton. Sara’s new office will also benefit those in the oil, gas, petroleum and energy sectors with professional staffing services.

Sara Wheaton is the Staffing Manager for our newly opened Salt Lake City branch in Utah. She is a strong addition to the Geotemps team, with her dedication to the people she works with. Her work ethic developed early on when at age 14 she began working summers at a local snow cone hut and working as an event parking attendant during the winter. While earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah, she focused on building her professional resume by working for a law firm full-time in the day and serving tables in the evenings to pay for her college expenses. In combination with her 12 years of customer service experience, Sara has an extensive background in management, marketing, interviewing, hiring and training staff members. Given her variety of skills, she is far from shy when identifying company and customer needs in order to establish and maintain great relationships. New to the industry, Sara adapted quickly to the Geotemps credo of service to the industry when she attended the U.M.A. convention in August where Geotemps was a valued Safety Award sponsor. Look to see Sara in attendance at the B.Y.U. S.T.E.M. career Fair September 26.

To reach out to Sara you may email her here, or call her at 801-441-0961.